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Expert Commentaries by Lynden Lyman
Uniformity in Unclaimed Property: States Make New Efforts to Simplify Reporting
Assessing the Effectiveness of State Owner Unification Efforts Download PDF
Why Is There So Much Unclaimed Property, Anyway? Download PDF
Unclaimed Property and the Federal Government Download PDF
Operation Rightful Owner: The Federal and State Governments Consider Teaming Together to Address The Problem of Unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds Download PDF
The 1995 Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act: How “Uniform” Has State Enactment Been? Download PDF
When The Unclaimed Remains So; Where Does The Money Go? Download PDF
Rebutting the Presumption of Abandonment: Does Accessing an Account Online Suffice? Download PDF
Due Process Notice in California’s Property Law: The Ninth Circuit’s Decision Download PDF
The Unintended Beneficiary. Gifting, Gift Cards & The Retail Industry (unpublished draft) Download PDF
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